The WCM Group’s Basildon Production Facility has been awarded the prestigious Jaguar Land Rover Quality Award

WCM’s Basildon Production site is now accredited with JLRQ status. This represents a milestone in the performance of WCM Group’s Basildon site as a supplier of automotive parts and assemblies to JLR. Since 2008, the company has progressed in its ambitions to meet and exceed the exacting standards set by JLR to satisfy the requirements of JLRQ. As WCM CEO Karl McGee explains, the journey to JLRQ status has required a lot of careful planning and commitment to drive consistent high quality and continuous improvement:

‘The Production, Quality and Logistics teams at WCM Basildon have continued to increase the high performance levels in line with the expectations of JLRQ in preparation for receiving the award status. I would like to thank all staff for their dedication in promoting the consistencies that have been achieved across the business in supply and logistical planning.’

The award recognises the accomplishments of the WCM Group’s Basildon site to JLR across three main areas, with all having to be achieved and retained at a consistently high level. WCM has had to firstly demonstrate the robust operational systems and processes that are in place to manage the business. Secondly, the quality and delivery requirements of JLR have to be met through monitoring on a daily basis. Finally, the quality and logistics teams at JLR have had to give their approval and support the award process of JLRQ to WCM.