Air Vent Cluster

As part of the release of the Bentley Bentayga SUV in 2016, WCM are a partner supplier of the air vent sub-assemblies within the vehicle interior.

Located in the centre console, dash and centre column rear, 6 air vents in total are fitted into each vehicle. In the centre console, WCM also manufacture the trim as well as the air vent surrounds. The sub-assembly unit consisting of the 2 air vents and surrounds is assembled at WCMs Clean Assembly facility, ready for further additional parts to be added including the rear potentiometer units which WCM also produce.

Air Vent Cluster
Air Vent Cluster Close Up

Manufacturing Processes

A number of manufacturing processes are used through the course of producing the air vent sub-assemblies. The vein bodies contained inside each vent are injection moulded and chromed, with a specialist finish applied through the tooling process to remove the need for painting. This ensures each vein has a high quality paint-like finish, without the tolerance implications of the painting process. The air vent body is turned, machined and chromed, with a further addition of a knurled ring added which WCM injection mould and chrome. The air vent surrounds seen in the centre console are injection moulded also. Finally, the decorative centre console surround is manufactured through pressing and bonding Aluminium sheet stock onto a substrate. As mentioned, WCM then fully assemble these components ready for further development. Total production of the air vent sub assemblies is forecast at 12,000 per year.