WCM constantly develops its Production Division capabilities to ensure it remains at the forefront of innovation and technology within industry. The range of services available to customers to serve low volume production needs deliver cutting-edge solutions for interior and exterior metal and plastic parts, assemblies and systems.

Production Operations work closely with other departments to streamline the design, development, prototyping and production of all parts processed at WCM. Logistics management and support is also handled through Production, ensuring all parts are handled, packaged and stored ready for the wider supply chain.

Metal Pressing

  • 50 - 800 Tonne
  • Deep-Drawing strong Steels
  • Prototypes, Series and Production


  • Tool-less Metal Castings
  • Rapid Lost Wax & Sand Moulding
  • Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Metals

Injection Moulding

  • 128 - 1,500 Tonne Capabilities
  • 5 - 10,000 parts per order
  • Wide range of materials 

Polyurethane RIM

  • Range of RIM options available
  • Prototyping & Production
  • Parts upto 7KG, 2.2m Diameter


  • 3 & 5 axis UK CNC centres
  • Upto 0.1mm precision machining
  • Range of bed sizes to full car size


  • 5 axis with 0.1mm tolerance
  • Cut Plastics and Metals
  • High Quality Finish

The Production Division utilises the many capabilities across its offering to deliver turnkey manufacturing services