Coach-Built Cocktail Cabinetry

Created by Mulliner, the bespoke division of Bentley, the Mulsanne and Mulsanne Speed offer owners an elegant Cocktail Cabinet 

WCM have an established reputation in the manufacture and assembly of automotive cabinetry and refrigeration systems. Having supported Bentley over the course of a number of projects, the Cocktail Cabinet is very much at the pinnacle of craftsmanship quality, with a high level of skill required to create each unit. WCM manufacture the cabinet in a number of stages and then bring all components together for final assembly and testing. Initially, the inner framework is created through CNC machining solid wood. Each section is then elegantly veneered and trimmed to create the high quality finish.

Bentley Mulsanne Cocktail Cabinet
Bentley Mulsanne

WCM produce the mechanical elements contained within the cabinet such as the door hinges an latches. These are CNC machined and using a suite of Hurco CM10i machines. Once all parts are ready for assembly, WCM carefully construct the cabinets within Clean Assembly areas located alongside production and testing facilities. Each unit is then fully tested to ensure all lighting, acoustic and mechanical features work correctly. Each cabinet is then line fit at Bentley.