Decorative CNC Vehicle 'Jewellery'

WCM is an Established Provider of High Quality Decorative 'Jewellery' for Automotive Interior Applications

The Special Edition Holland & Holland vehicle Series, released by the Special Vehicle Operations division at Landrover, includes a number of parts per vehicle produced by WCM, including a set of door handles, centre console plague and a letterbox panel.

Holland and Holland Handle
Commissioning Plaque

Through advanced CNC operations, WCM is able to produce exceptionally detailed parts that emphasise individuality and elegance. The exclusive programme of 40 vehicles per year over a 3 year lifetime will see WCM deliver High Speed CNC produced parts using a series of Datron M8 Cube CNC machines, operating at 50,000RPM and machining to a tolerance of 0.1mm, WCM’s High Speed CNC service ensures all parts are produced to the highest precision.