Interior Decorative Engine Spin

WCM supply Bentley with a series of dash panels complete with an engine spin surface finish

The expectations amongst consumers in the premium/luxury end of the automotive market for high quality and sophisticated interiors are key to brand differentiation. The use of contrasting textures, materials and finishes is something widely used in interiors to empasise these factors. The Bentley Continental GT series follows the same principle with a range of high-spec materials and finishes used throughout the interior.

Engine Spin
Interior Continental GT Bentley

The panels are situated above the glovebox compartment, the centre stack as well as the instrument cluster. Each panel is produced through a 3 stage process. Firstly the sheet stock used is waterjet cut to create the rough sheet profile required. Each profile is then pressed and coined using the suite of Hare presses at WCM. Once pressed, the sheet is then fitted to a jig ready for final 5 axis CNC machining, ensuring all edges are accurately cut to the required size. The profile is then bonded to the substrate behind.