Luxury Entertainment System

As part of the release of the Rolls-Royce Phantom Zenith, WCM was responsible for developing and manufacturing a unique luxury entertainment solution that would tie in with the opulence of the special edition vehicle

Named as the Entertainment Hosting Area, the automotive system developed at WCM provides a means of sitting in the tailgate of the vehicle and entertaining passengers or guests with champagne and appetisers. The Hosting combines a high level of boutique craftsmanship through leather trim alongside high polished and coated CNC parts and an extruded centre body section. A novel raised glass section was also engineered to raise up from the base, providing an additional surface to hold champagne flutes.

Leathering of Automotive System
Hosting Area

WCM supply a limited quantity of the Tailgate Hosting Area to Rolls-Royce in line with its special edition series of the Zenith. Each system is carefully assembled and leather wrapped using high quality tanned leathers chosen from a select series of hides. The system features a number of highly bespoke features including a champagne bottle holder that sits within the assembled system, polished napkin holders, serving plates complemented with magnetic surfaces to prevent any movement when in motion as well as internal ambient lighting within the glass surface.