Metal and Plastic Interior Parts

WCM supplied a series of interior parts for fitment into the 2015 Defender Heritage Vehicle, using a range of production processes including Die Casting and Injection Moulding and finishing services in Leather Wrapping and chroming

As part of the release of the 2015 Defender Heritage vehicle Edition, WCM were a supplier for a number of interior parts including Grab Handles located on the front doors, the Gear Lever and Diff Lever, as well as Clock bezel and Air Vents. WCM Production oversaw the Die Casting and Injection Moulding of components, including the inner body of the levers and lever tops which were inscribed and chromed. Also featured were the front set of air vents located in the centre stack. These again were injection moulded and finished with o-rings to that wrapped around the circumference of each vent. 

WCM worked with partners to complete the finished appearance of parts through leather wrapping. The Grab handles were adorned with a tanned Dessert Sand tone and levers complete with black leather and stitching.

Defender Heritage
Heritage Defender Partd