CMA Moldform, a British PU Rapid Injection Moulding Company has become a part of the WCM Group

WCM is pleased to announce that the British Polyurethane RIM company has become a new division within the WCM Group, providing new services in Automotive Reinforced RIM PU parts.

The services offered through the CMA Division bolster WCMs existing capabilities in PU parts across Prototyping and Low Volume Production services. With expertise in producing large scale interior and exterior parts such as grilles and bumpers, the WCM Group are able to produce parts up to 7KG in weight and up to 2.2m in diameter.

The integration of CMA Moldform into the WCM Group provides the wider business with a new dedicated resource for large rapid PU parts, something which CEO Karl McGee sees as being of significant benefit to customers; ‘The incorporation of CMA into the Group is great news for new and existing customers that need rapid turnaround of prototype and low volume RIM parts. Through WCM, CMA will continue to develop its position as a supplier for PU parts amongst Automotive OEMs in the UK’.

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