Apprenticeships are highly valued at WCM with recognition for the mutual benefits gained by both students and the Company. Selected apprentices are given the opportunity to join WCM for a period of time to carry out their professional workplace experience as part of college courses. Partnerships with colleges located in close proximity to WCM facilities throughout the UK provide motivated young people with the experience to start their journey in a successful engineering or manufacturing discipline.

If you would like further information on apprenticeship scheme opportunities, please email

  • Steve

    'I started my apprenticeship with WCM in 2014, specialising in Clean Assembly operations. The experience motivated me to continue to develop a career in manufacturing and I’m still here today as a member of the team'

  • Ceara

    'When I started my apprenticeship at WCM, I already had an interest in making metal parts through CNC. The production staff here were so supportive and helped me to focus in this area. I now work full time at the company'

  • Ryan

    'I started my apprenticeship with WCM recently as a CAD Technician, working on new projects. It’s a great environment to work in and the fast paced way of working really suits me'

  • Sophie

    'I was a student on an engineering course and wanted to develop my skills to be able to work in manufacturing. WCM supported me in my apprenticeship where I spent time in the CNC, Metal Press and Quality departments. I am now fully employed and progressing through my career, specialising in part quality processes'