In line with extensive expansion in Technical Painting and since implementing new state of the art paint process facilities, WCM is a leading partner in providing quality painted parts to customers across the automotive industry

WCM has excellent part painting and finishing facilities, with large spray booths that handle a diverse range of substrates including plastic, composite and metal parts from small to large sizes. The incorporation of clean room technology for refinishing plastic parts and the introduction of universal booth cycle working practices to accommodate TAK times accommodates parts up to full size vehicles. The latest quality inspection ‘lighting’ systems also support the ability to control the appearance and quality standards of all parts in process before completion.

Technical Spray Booth Facilities

  • 2 x downdraft booths with interconnecting door contained within its own clean environment
  • Vehicle access lift to allow full length cars and parts to be positioned in booths
  • Bespoke preparation benches with local extraction units utilising the latest low vibration tooling
  • State of the art mixing facility with weigh safe programing and scales
  • Balance control software for evenly balance air movement within booths
  • Flaming station for all Polypropylene parts to support adhesion requirement’s when required
  • Polishing stations for removal of small inclusion if and when they occur
  • Quality assurance station for reviewing each part before assembly or delivery

All Finishing Processes are co-located alongside Production Processes, ensuring efficient workflow and rapid delivery