rapid tools

WCM continues to expand its Rapid Tooling Service by combining materials, experience and technologies to delivery Injection Moulded parts in as little as 48 hours

CNC Machined Rapid Tools are designed from client CAD data and High-Speed CNC machined in Aluminium (referred to as White Tools). WCM use a unique standard bolster system where only inserts of the core and cavity part are made, dropped into bolsters and assembled.

Combined with manual core removal, costs and lead times are reduced. Producing tools this way allows WCM to Injection Mould parts in production materials, allowing clients to verify parts before committing to further tooling.

Rapid Tooling CNC
CNC Process

Rapid Direct Metal Sintering

Rapid Direct Metal Sintering Technology is the fastest growing Rapid Manufacturing Technology globally. WCM have been utilising and harnessing this technology over the last four years to generate Rapid Tooling inserts for Injection and Blow-Mould tooling, Wax Injection tools, Press Tooling and metal components.

It is an additive process where during the building of an Injection Mould Tool for instance, core and cavity, conformal cooling, gates and feeds, ejector pin holes and fixing details can all be incorporated into one operation. This has a marked effect on cost and lead-time as geometry, once dependent on only being formed by EDM.

WCM Manufacture in two materials; Nickel-Bronze and Steel, each suited to different Rapid Tooling needs

Nickel-Bronze (DM20)

  • Harder wearing than Aluminium
  • Produce up to 30,000 parts
  • Quicker tool production time

Steel (DS20)

  • Near to P20 Steel in hardness
  • Produce up to 250,000 parts

As an experienced tooling manufacturer for customers across the automotive industry, WCM is well placed to support your tooling requirements