Health and Safety Policy

WCM thrives on exceeding customer expectations and is focused on utilising an effective health and safety management system to achieve this.

‘The health and safety of all members of staff within WCM is of the upmost importance. By actively promoting a shared responsibility to look after one another in the working environment, the Company are able to minimise any potential dangers’

It is recognised that the promotion of health and safety at all levels, whilst undertaking all activities associated with the development, manufacture and assembly of metal and plastic components is of benefit to good business performance. Development and implementation of good health and safety practices is of the upmost importance for all personnel who work for, or with the WCM Group. Therefore, no job is to be regarded so urgent that it cannot be completed in a safe manner.

It is the policy of the Company to ensure that every reasonable step is taken to prevent injury to personnel, damage to property and to protect individuals from possible health hazards at work. This intention by WCM is extended to all visitors and contractors whilst on their premises, whether it be for pursuance of their everyday employment or other activities.

Achieving Health and Safety Policy

  • Reviewing changes and acting promptly to meet legal duties in relation to providing safe and healthy working conditions.
  • Monitoring and improving the performance of the business by encouraging innovation and developing a framework for setting, implementing and reviewing objectives and targets.
  • Ensuring that a constant awareness with regard to health and safety at work is maintained in respect of all employees.
  • Communicating this policy to all employees, including providing any necessary training or support to enable them to meet their legal duties and contribute to the overall policies and objectives of the company.
  • All employees have a responsibility to take reasonable care to safeguard their health and safety.