Aided by CAD and CAE, WCM are able to rapidly create and adapt part models for series production

With a deep understanding of CAD processes, WCM are able to introduce complex requirements into highly detailed virtual modelling to analyse all key characteristics ahead of any physical work being carried out. This is strengthened futher with CAE working practices such as FEA and Moldflow analysis tools, aiding the entire process to rapidly develop accurate solutions for manufacture.

CAD Key Points

  • Licensed user of Catia V5 and Solid Works as well as other supporting platforms
  • Integrated TeamCentre PLM system, a standard interface used by JLR
  • Secure off site data backup centre for CAD data management
CAD Engineering
FEA Analysis of parts

CAE Key Points

  • Moldflow tools used to asses manufacturing suitability ahead of any prototype/series production
  • FEA conducted to ensure any parts are fit for to perform and take into account any external impacts

The Design Division ensure your part designs receive a full feasibility review against planned manufacturing processes