Capabilities in CNC produce machined parts ranging from highly decorative Automotive ‘Jewellery’ through to large full car length panels

With numerous applications in CNC machining, WCM can take your CAD data and convert it into milled parts with high speed and precision depending on the complexity of the design. As the tolerances and milling sizes are well suited to producing highly intricate parts, CNC solutions are WCM offer many advantages over alternative solutions where detail is key.

Decorative CNC

Services in Decorative CNC are an excellent choice for metal parts that require a high level of machining or engraving precision. Referred to as ‘Vehicle Jewellery’ due to the complex detailing that is incorporated into parts, WCM is a reputable partner to a number of OEMs for vehicle interior parts in this area. As well as metals, WCM also machine woods and plastics, offering bespoke and low volume parts in a diverse range of materials.

Decorative CNC Examples

Decorative CNC Milling
CNC Vehicle 'Jewellery'
  • Up to 0.1mm precision diameter tolerance for engraving and machining
  • Machine speeds of 50,000 RPM
  • Suite of 3 and 5 axis High Speed Datron CNC Machines suited to Decorative Applications

Large CNC

There are a number of Injection Moulding options available through the range of production machinery available, ranging from 120-1,500 tonne. The Production team support all enquiries to ensure parts are manufactured using the most efficient injection moulding route. There are a wide range of Plastics available to support production needs and the Production team are on hand to advise during the selection process.

Large CNC Examples

Hurco CNC Machines
Large CNC Parts
  • Up to 0.01mm precision diameter tolerance for engraving and machining
  • Machine speeds of 40,000 RPM
  • Facilities include 3 x Hurco CNC, 3 x Datron CNC, 3 x Hurco, 1 x CMS, 1 x CMS

The CNC Team are experts in developing new solutions to challenging machining applications, regardless of detail, size or shape requirements